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Lavasee und Wüste


Info über Exped. 2002

Reisedauer: 22 Tage
beste Reisezeit: Winter
Teilnehmer: 6 bis 9
Visa/Impfungen: ja
Auschnittskarte von Äthiopien

Da diese Expedition internationale Teilnehmer haben würde, folgen die meisten weiteren Angaben in Englisch.

Goal of this expedition is 5 days stay at the 613 m high volcano Erta Ale in the desert Danakil.
The second target are the desert parts south of Erta Ale towards the fronture of Djibouti by cars.

Durch die politischen Gegebenheiten in Äthiopien hatten wir die Expeditionspläne (für 3/2007) von "Lavasee und Wüste" leider vorerst aufgeben. Eine Neubearbeitung des Programms erfolgt sobald wir einen neuen Termin für diese Expedtion finden (setzen). Politisch steht einer Reise zum Erta Ale derzeit nichts Gravierendes im Wege.

(last update: Aug. 2008)

Necessary documents and vaccinations:
- A passport good for at least half a year when entering Ethiopia is required.
- A visa is obligatory for everyone and should be replyed at least 4 weeks before the arrival in Ethiopia at the ethiopian embassy in your country. The visa costs are about 50,- US$ (60,-Euro).
- A valuable yellowfeever vaccination is required for entering the country. We recomment also Hepatitis A (eventually B), Thyphus, Polio, Tetanus and standby medicine for malaria tropica (Mephloquine), although we are not in dangerous areas for malaria.

Customs declaration:
Professional film and foto aquipment has to be declared by entering and leaving the country. A list of equippment has to be hand over to me at least 2 month ahead of departure.

The winter mounth (Nov./Dec./Jan./Feb.) are best for an expedition. This is the dry season in the highlands and the coldest season in the desert with no chance of rain and about 40 degrees celsius.

General safety advise:
Check with your doctor if your phisical conditions are good for eventually 50°Celsius in the desert, basic food at some days, little comfort in the camp and sometimes low hygienic standards.

Note: All participants of this expedition have their own responsibility due to danger of volcanic activity, the desert in general and local gunmen.

Special Equipment:

Powersupply for video, computers and light. All these systems should be fully charged before leaving your home country and again before leaving Addis Abeba. The helicopter will transport one charged 12V (36AH) accumulators.

Crater lake access will be realised by block and tackle (liftsystem withour own force) put up at the crater rim of the active crater. The liftsystem will be all mecanic (mountain rope), because we don't want to depend on electrical motor power, which has the two risks of a power supply leak and electrical mailfunction. We will also bring a second rope for the safety.

General Travel Equipment:

The list of basic travel equipment, which we will hand over to you at a later point, is based on our experiences and is to be understood as a support of your planning.

Hier geht es zur 14-tägigen Trekking-Reise-Variante: Erta Ale LAvase & Dallol

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